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Commercial and Residential Crane Service

Cranes and Rates

4.5 Ton
$90.00 per hr. minimum 2 hours
23.5 · Ton · 80 Ft. Radius
$130.00 per hr. minimum 2 hours
35 Ton · Heavy Lift · 100 Ft. Radius
$160.00 per hr. minimum 3 hours or $ 150.00 hr. minimum 4 hrs
40 Ton · 94 Ft. Boom · 125 Ft. Radius
$165.00 per hr. minimum 4 hours
40 Ton · 105 Ft. Boom · 141 Ft. Radius
$175.00 per hr. minimum 4 hours
60 Ton · 110 Ft. Boom · 159 Ft. Radius
$285.00 per hr. minimum 4 hours

**** All Hydros include remote operations from upper cab ****


4 Ton GMC

4.5 ton rated capacity

Terex BT4792

23.5 ton rated capacity, 47,000lb maximum capacity, 102’ sheave height hydraulic, 80’ lift radius, 372° non-continuous rotation, 21’9” outrigger spread, 17’6” out/down rear outrigger, Front bumper mounted stabilizer, Full 360° operation, 146’ max sheave height, Two pieces 26’- 44’ jib, Load moment indicator system, Anti-two-block warning system, Removable boom rest, Two speed winch, Three section hydraulic pump, Hydraulic oil cooler, Roofers hose reel, Load line with down haul ball, Finish paint white/gray.

Lorain MCH145D
PTO, Air Brakes, Outriggers, 29,000 lbs Max Capacity, 32' Retracted 81' Extended 3-Stage Telescopic Boom, 32' Retracted 47' Extended Jib, Load Wise 316 Boom Angle Indicator, 46"x18"x19" Utility Box, Solid Leaf Spring Suspension, 445x65Rx22.5 Front Tires, 11Rx20 Rear Tires.

Terex T340-1 XL telescopic

The Terex T340 Hydraulic Truck crane has a maximum lift capacity of 40 tons and a four-section full-power mechanically synchronized telescoping boom with a maximum length of 94 feet. Terex hydraulic truck cranes offer the latest in technology, hydraulics, ergonomics and design making them extremely flexible, reliable, and able to be deployed for a broad array of tasks.

This crane is fitted with an advanced suspension, fully independent hydraulic outriggers, and a high-tech operator's cab all of which add to the Terex T340 best in class features. The Terex T340-XL has a maximum boom length of 105 feet. The Terex T340-1 and - 1XL are powered by a Tier III Detroit Diesel engine.